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Learning as You Grow with Little Women

Little Women is one of my favourite books. I loved reading it as a child, and that hasn't changed now that I've grown up. In fact I had just finished reading it again, when I was asked if I wanted to review this modernized retelling.

Because this book takes place in the present day, a few of the situations have changed: Meg goes to prom, Amy studies art at Oxford instead of going abroad with family, and Beth has cancer. I think the writer's did an excellent job modernizing the tale. They made the struggles and lessons the sister's learned accessible to this generation without taking away from the feeling that I've loved about the story.

I loved how magical they're attic was. It made me wish that we could give our boys a space just like it for their imaginations to flourish.

But, like all things it wasn't without it's faults. I found it difficult to follow the story because the movie kept jumping around in the timeline and intermingling aspects of Little Women with Good Wives.

I also thought there were a few key conversations missing: like the one where Jo tells Beth how much her life actually meant. While the movie itself get the message across, I feel like the actual conversation with Beth was important because I'd want her to know without question how much she impacted her older sister's life.

On a whole I totally recommend this movie to anyone. Regardless of whether or not you've read the book you can still enjoy the movie and be touched by the sisters' lives as they grow up into the strong women they were meant to be.

Screening provided by Graf-Martin Communications and Pure Flix.



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