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Published Books

The Key Thief (Winner of the 2022 Word Awards for Best New YA Novel)

Christina Oulton_ebook.jpg

Ethelwynne stuffed the braid into her bag, put the scissors away and slipped out of the store. She caught a glimpse of herself in the window’s dark glass. She supposed she looked boy-like—at least, in the night. Hopefully, the perception would last long enough for her to get safely out of the city. But where could she go? She couldn’t lead the elves to her home, and going home wouldn’t get her parents back, anyway.


The king. If she wanted to live and see her parents again, she needed to tell the elven king his brother had stolen the key to the realms to overthrow him. She just had to make it over the mountains. Ethelwynne glanced up at the towers looming above her. With a bit of luck, she could sneak onto a skyship. As she walked down the alley towards the ships, Ethelwynne pulled the braid out of her bag and undid it. Tearfully, she scattered stray strands on the ground for the rats to use in their nests.

YA Fantasy Novels

Picture Books

Anne's Adventure: A Pirate's ABCs

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Do you like mice and adventure? Do you love alphabet books?  If yes, then Anne's Adventure is the book for you. 

Follow along with Anne and her crew as they go on a quest to find cheese. Along the way, their journey takes them through every letter of the alphabet (spoiler alert: X is not for "X marks the spot."

One Tiny Turtle: A Story You Can Colour

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After one tiny turtle hatches from her shell, she sets out to find her family.


Colour the pictures as you count the animals she meets as you follow her on her journey.


See What Others Are Saying:


"I know a lot of children that like to read and color this would make a great gift for them to have and to add to there book collection... The author did an amazing job and what a great idea she had to turn a children's book into a coloring book as well."

Angelika, lifestyle blogger on Angelika on the Move


"Read, colour and keep this story for years!"



"Awesome idea. A great way to spend time with your little one, reading the story and colouring the pictures, Educational, teaches counting, and Fun searching for all different creatures of the ocean. Love it. A great gift idea."

Nali V., on


"This is a brilliant and empowering idea; combining a story with a colouring book! I particularly liked the author's rhyming scheme and her inspired choice of words to describe the sea creatures-the phrase "shimmering wish" was a beautiful and evocative means of portraying a floating jellyfish. Parents will be inundated with questions while reading this book to their children: "Can jellyfish walk?" "What does 'shimmering' mean?" "Are seahorses real?" The illustrations are refreshingly simple in an age of omnipresent and complex colouring books. I look forward to sharing this book with my granddaughter!"

Jo-Anne Lawless, on Amazon


Welcome to my website, I'm so glad you are here.

My name is Christina Van Starkenburg, and I love writing. I have written many articles (and you can find links to a few of them here), a few picture books like One Tiny Turtle, and a fantasy novel: The Key Thief.

Christina Oulton_ebook.jpg

If you have any questions, or if there is something that you would like me to write for your website, let me know.


You can email me at:

Or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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Poetry Collections

Tea With Wisdom

Christina Oulton_ebook.jpg

Tea with Wisdom is a delightful collection of poems that will help you reconnect with The Old Testament in ways you may not have thought possible.

What I'm Working On

I look forward to hearing from you.

As with many writers, I have a fair amount of projects going on. But here are a few that are at the top of my list.

1. The Key Thief, Book 2 (hopefully coming 2023)

2. Annika's Imaginary Friend

3. Gerald's Race

4. The Key Thief, Book 3 (and the conclusion to the series)

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