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One Tiny Turtle: A Story You Can Colour


After one tiny turtle hatches from her shell, she sets out to find her family.


Colour the pictures as you count the animals she meets as you follow her on her journey.


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"I know a lot of children that like to read and color this would make a great gift for them to have and to add to there book collection... The author did an amazing job and what a great idea she had to turn a children's book into a coloring book as well."

Angelika, lifestyle blogger on Angelika on the Move


"Read, colour and keep this story for years!"



"Awesome idea. A great way to spend time with your little one, reading the story and colouring the pictures, Educational, teaches counting, and Fun searching for all different creatures of the ocean. Love it. A great gift idea."

Nali V., on Amazon.ca


"This is a brilliant and empowering idea; combining a story with a colouring book! I particularly liked the author's rhyming scheme and her inspired choice of words to describe the sea creatures-the phrase "shimmering wish" was a beautiful and evocative means of portraying a floating jellyfish. Parents will be inundated with questions while reading this book to their children: "Can jellyfish walk?" "What does 'shimmering' mean?" "Are seahorses real?" The illustrations are refreshingly simple in an age of omnipresent and complex colouring books. I look forward to sharing this book with my granddaughter!"

Jo-Anne Lawless, on Amazon

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